Important Information About Your BURST

The BURST GPS Phone Watch is NOT a substitute for supervision of any person wearing the product. Accuracy of location is determined by GPS satellite and cell signal strength, and will NOT give a location at ALL times. For example, GPS accuracy may be affected while the band is indoors. 


Burst GPS Phone Watch is water resistant, NOT WATERPROOF. Water will damage the device if it seeps into cracks or the mini-USB slot. 


Returns for full refunds are accepted within 30 days of purchase for new, unused BURST GPS devices returned in unopened or undamaged packaging. Devices that have been activated and work according to the functionality of the device may not be returned. Damaged devices may not be returned. Customers are responsible for shipping costs for returned devices. Devices purchased at retail stores, at other websites, or from other re-sellers must be returned to the store, site or re-seller where purchased and are subject to their return policies.


BURST GPS Phone Watch is covered by a 1-year limited warranty on defective electronic parts. Devices returned under warranty will be repaired or replaced with like devices of the same color. Devices damaged, torn, or broken by the user are not covered under warranty. Devices are water resistant, not waterproof. Submersing BURST into water while swimming or bathing will allow water into the device and cause it to malfunction. Water damage is not covered under warranty. Broken and cracked LCD screens are not covered under warranty. Straps, buckles and latches broken during use are not covered under warranty. 

Service Plans

A monthly service plan from PreciseTrak mobile application is required to operate your BURST. Service plans include unlimited calls, voice message, locations, chat technical support and email customer support. There is also a Premium service plan which includes live phone support that can be purchased immediately after you purchase your product.  ​​Service Plans can be cancelled at any time. There are no partial refunds, and any unused time remaining on a Service Plan after cancellation will not be refunded.  Below is information about our service plans:

A PreciseTrak monthly service plan is required to operate your BURST. Your service plan includes: 

  • Unlimited calling minutes 
  • Unlimited messaging
  • Unlimited map locations (updates every minute automatically)
  • Unlimited Locations on Demand*
  • Unlimited technical support​

The PreciseTrak Service Plan is $14.95 per month, and will be automatically charged to your credit card. Get 2 months free when you purchase an annual service plan for $149.

​Service Plans can be cancelled at any time. There are no partial refunds, and any unused time remaining on a service plan after cancellation will not be refunded. 

*BURST Phone Watches are programmed to send automatic location updates every minute.

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