We've Spent The Last 3 Years Developing the World's Coolest
GPS Tracking Watch for Kids
Watch and PreciseTrak App Are Just Plain Cool!
Kidsport Burst  is designed to give parents and caregivers peace of mind and kids a greater sense of freedom when they should be focusing more on fun than on safety. Your child will love having their very own easy to use phone...right on their wrist!
  • SAFE TECHNOLOGY means your child’s location is securely recorded and meant for your eyes only
  • PHONE CALLS to and from the Burst to 16 safe numbers
  • VOICE CHAT messaging between app/phone
  • PRECISE Location tracking to give peace of mind
  • STEP COUNTER to keep kids active 
  • SOS Button if child is in danger
  • SAFE BOUNDARIES alert you when child exits/enters
  • AFFORDABLE unlimited plan beginning ($14.95 a month)
Dear Moms and Dads,
Our greatest asset is our children. We now have a way to keep them safe and at the same time give them an easy way to communicate with their loved ones.

I can safely say that the Kidsport Burst GPS Phone Watch will be one of the most fun products you have ever seen. This is a product & software platform we've spent over 3 years perfecting, which more importantly  means you will be investing in a product you can believe in. Your kids are going to be super excited to get their hands on a product that makes them feel safe...and is loads of fun!

-Brian Sullivan, Founder 
Watch a Demonstration of our latest innovation...
(with my daughter Maggie!)
Burst is a Cell Phone with Unlimited Calls and Tracking Locations 
Let's face it...nobody likes a cell phone contract. For $14.95 a month you will get unlimited calls, voice messages, and tracking locations.
 And you can cancel at any time!

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Frequently Asked Questions
How  do I activate my BURST? 
Download and READ the User Guide here. Once you receive your BURST, you will need to download the PreciseTrak App to your smartphone and register your watch through the App. The User Guide will instruct you how to register and activate your BURST, and the App has step-by-step instructions as you go. DO NOT DISCARD YOUR BOX. The box has 2 important identification numbers needed for activation.

Is a service plan required? 
Yes, the BURST Phone Watch requires a monthly service plan available from PreciseTrak. The PreciseTrak plan comes with unlimited calls and chats and only costs $14.95 per month. And you can save over 15% when you buy a full year service plan for only $149.  

Where do I download the PreciseTrak App?
Download the PreciseTrak App in the Apple™ App Store or Google Play™.  

Can I use my own SIM card and cellular carrier?
No, BURST will only work with the SIM card installed during manufacturing. The service plans for the devices are only available through kidsport.

Can I suspend my PreciseTrak plan without canceling my account? 
Yes, you can put your PreciseTrak service plan for up to 6 months without cancelling your account, and you can reactivate your plan at any time. There is a $2.95 per month hold fee while the plan is in suspense.

Does BURST work internationally?
Phone and chat features for BURST will only operate within the United States. For those traveling abroad, your BURST may be able to roam for an additional charge, depending on the region. Please contact us for information.

Is Kidsport Burst safe for kids to wear?
Burst is certified by the FCC which means it goes through stringent testing to insure it is safe for kids to wear. In addition, our servers, app and watch data are highly secure, which means the location data is meant and will be seen by your eyes only.

Will I get alerts on my phone?
Yes, there are 2 types of alerts: 1) if the SOS Button is held down, and 2) if your kid crosses over a geo-fence boundary you created in the app. You will also receive alerts via email and in the PreciseTrak App.

Can I get alerts on my iPad or tablet?
Yes, the mobile apps will work on iPads and tablets.

Can I create multiple boundaries for alerts?
Yes, you can create safezone (geo-fence) boundaries in the App. BURST will alert you when it enters or exits any of the boundaries.

Can I call BURST from more than one phone?
Yes, you can add up to 16 contacts in the PreciseTrak app?

Can more than one smartphones receive alerts from one BURST? 
Yes, you can program up to 16 phones to track one BURST. This will be done through your account on our website.

How does Voice Messaging work?
Record a voice message into your BURST, and it will send the message to the PreciseTrak App. Or record the voice message into the App, and it will send the message to the watch.

Can I set an alarm?
Yes, you may set an alarm for things like reminding your kid to come home.

Does BURST track indoors?
Yes, if GPS is not detected, the watch will find the closest wifi spot and use it as its location.

How often does BURST receive a location?
BURST tracks locations every minute while it is moving. To save battery life, locations do not update unless the watch moves. You’ll always know where BURST is by its last location.

Will BURST keep track of previous locations?
Yes, you can see the location history ("breadcrumbs") by date.

Does BURST count steps?
Yes, kids will have fun tracking their steps during the day. Make sure to set up the profile in the PreciseTrak app to get the most accurate count.

Is BURST waterproof? 
No, BURST is not waterproof. But it is water resistant.

Is BURST water resistant? 
Yes, BURST is water resistant and should function normally as long as water does not get inside the device. IT IS NOT WATERPROOF. Submersing BURST into water while swimming or bathing will allow water into the device and cause it to malfunction. Water damage is not covered under warranty.

Will the battery last all day? 
Yes, low-power consumption ensures long battery life, 48 hours or more under normal conditions. Just recharge your BURST at night, and you are good to go the next day.

Is BURST easy to charge? 
Yes, a magnetic charging cable is included. Simply plug the USB connector into any USB port.

How do I turn off BURST?
BURST may be turned off remotely from the app. As a safety feature, your BURST cannot be turned off from the watch itself.

I know my BURST is here, but I can't find it.
Hit “Find My Watch” in the app, and BURST will start chiming for you within a couple of minutes.

Can I return my BURST?
Yes, you can return an unused BURST within 30 days. Devices that have been activated and work according to the functionality of the device may not be returned. Please read the Return Policy before your purchase.

Is there a warranty?
BURST comes with a 1-year limited warranty against manufacturer defects. Damage to the device, including water damage, is not covered under warranty. Please read the Warranty Policy before your purchase.
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